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The Perfect Crossbody Bag
What's up y'all, idk about you but I'm a tote hoarder. I have tons of them I've picked up over the years but none are quite right! What I'm really after is a nice medium sized tote bag in a natural fiber like cotton or linen with strap(s) long enough to wear across the body. I have a lot of long, layered looks that a more casual crossbody bag would work really well with plus I'm sick of totes falling off my shoulder!!! To give some points of reference, here are bags I like (but aren't quite right) and why. Hopefully this will help guide recs toward something that combines elements from each: 1. Rick Owens tote bag - This is the perfect tote!! If only it had longer straps :((( Pros here are heavyweight cotton flannel fabric, dark color, and large size (18.25" x 14.25" and the handles are about 12.25"). 2. Engineered Garments Shoulder Pouch - This is so close to what I'm looking for, but I hate the synthetic strap and it's a bit small. The strap is a bit short for me but gets better as you let it out. I love the variety of colors/patterns these come in but something with a better closure system (hate a flap) and a little bit more structure would be ideal. 3. Random Ann D bag I found lol - I would get this but I'm pretty sure the seller is inactive. I dig the slightly weird design, dark linen fabric, and capacity size. Zip closure is about as complex as I'd want to get because I want to avoid messenger bag territory at all costs. Ideal colors would be a classic ecru or anything darker like brown/grey/black. I should also mention that velcro closure is absolutely out of the question, I'd rather just have an open top tote at that point.
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Evan Kinori
sf slouch king
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Ann Demeulemeester
Did I spell that right
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Salomon newbie
I have been influenced. Idk much about the brand but want some of the normal black trainers with the fruity little color stripe down the middle. Everything has a silly letter/number code and I'm getting confused. Please help me and share any advice on sizing, deals, and so on please my feet are begging u.
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