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Created by NotQfThisWorld on 5/2/2024 in #bazzite-help
Cant enter Steam-Gaming-Mode
It worked fine earlier today, and I don't what exactly caused it to stop working, but here is what I know so far: - I am using the -deck image, on my "htpc". If I have managed to update it in the right way, it should be the latest image. - The last two days, every time I wanted to switch back to gamemode from desktop-mode, (either via the "return-to-gamemode" shortcut, or by simply restarting), I get switched back to Steam Stable (despite using Steam Beta). - When booting up my computer, it shows the MSI-logo, then black, then the MSI-logo with the Bazzite Logo at the bottom. (as it usually does during a normal boot). Then I get to a black screen, where I am able to type and enter, but nothing happens when I type/press enter, and it removes my text a couple of times. Then it boots into Desktop Mode. - Clicking the "Return-to-gamemode" shortcut just throws me back into the desktop. Sometimes it hangs to, most likely to steam not having started up properly or something. - Earlier when I got a similar issue, I switched from Stable to Beta in steam, and rebooted. It seemed to work then, but it doesnt work this time. - Might be unrelated (as I have seen at least one other user in this server complaining about it), but the last couple of days has also met me with a white loadingscreen (instead of the usual black) before the boot-animation. But it is probably unrelated. If I need to provide any logs, specs or something, be sure to ping me, and I will try to provide the logs asap.
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