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Sour Cream Raccoon
DHDistant Horizons
Created by Sour Cream Raccoon on 6/22/2024 in #help-me
batching world generator error
im trying to set up distan horizons using shaders, but before i loaded the shader, when loading the world to test if DH worked, the message "batching world generator error" kept popping up, and i dont fully understand what it means. i got a log of my recent attempt for it to work, and the mods i have installed are DH, Fabric API, Indium, Iris, Noisium, Sodium, and Concurrent Chunk Managment Engine. the shaders i attempted to use, although with or without shaders led to the same error, was bliss shaders, and this was all attempted on a singleplayer world this is the log i got out of this attempt
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