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Created by Jonker on 6/22/2024 in #questions
Hear Ye, Hear Ye! A Call for Aid in the Realm of Codecraft: The Tale of the Missing Styles
Hello everyone, I'm working on creating an NPM package using Vite with React in library mode. I've configured Tailwind CSS in the package and added a few custom CSS classes. Everything seems to work fine when I run the project locally. However, when I publish the NPM package and install it in a new project, I run into an issue. The styles defined in the tailwind.css file are applied correctly to the components. But the Tailwind classes used directly within my SpaceButton.tsx component are not working at all. Here's what I've noticed: Styles in tailwind.css: These styles are correctly applied when I use the component in a new project. Tailwind classes in SpaceButton.tsx: These classes do not apply when the component is used in a new project. Please refer to this post for more detail:
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Created by Jonker on 2/15/2024 in #questions
NextJS14 Server Action Refresh page
Hello Guys. Hope you are all very well. Does anyone (@everyone) know how to refresh the entire dom after a server action using NextJS server actions. I don't mean revalidatePath. I need to need to redirect the user to a new page and then refresh the entire dom. Thank you for you help in advance.
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Created by Jonker on 2/6/2024 in #questions
Next14. Clerk. Capacitor
Hey @everyone. Does anyone know if it is possible to use Next14 (ts obviously) with Clerk AND capacitor to make it native and able to be deployed on the App Store and Google play store?
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Created by Jonker on 5/28/2023 in #questions
Hi guys. I am very new and have just learned about T3.
I wanted to know if the T3 stack is up to date with all the latest releases of all the different tech that it uses like NextJS 13.4 (App router) ?
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