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Created by Tobiwan on 4/22/2024 in #bazzite-help
ROG Ally + External Display
Hello, I have a Problem with my bazzite install on my Rog Ally. I have installed the latest kde Version as dual boot along with Windows 11. Following happens when in steamui: When i plug or unplug it to my dock with external monitor, it kinda freezes and sometimes crashes and restarts. The first plug in Works, any futher try will result in above mentioned crash. Same happens when i only unplug the hdmi cables from the dock or when changeing resolution or hdr settings in steamui. When in desktop mode, i will not receive a crash. I have tried different Docks (Lenovo + Baseus dock) and different Displays (PC Monitor and LG TV). With Windows OS, i dont have these issues. Is this a known issue or does there exist a solution ?
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