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Having Trouble integrating Supabase with Wasp
I am using a M2 Mac. I installed the wasp-lang installer using the curl command provided in the Getting Started Documentation. After that I created a new Wasp Project and selected the [3] SAAS option. It created my file and folder structure. I was able to open this up in VS Code and I was able to access the different sections. I went into the .env.server.example env file and renamed it .env.server. I then went to Supabase and created a postgres database. I copied the link from Project Settings>Database>Connection String>URI and pasted that in my .env.server file with the variable DATABASE_URL. I then went back to my terminal and navigated into the "app" directory of my wasp project. From there I typed wasp db migrate-dev, upon doing that the wasp project was compiled and NPM install was completed. However it gets stuck on the Setting up database section and never finishes loading. To circumvent this I decided to set the .env variable DATABASE_URL inline as referenced in the documentation (1). However I was stuck waiting again in the Setting up database section. (1) Connecting to outside Postgres server documentation
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