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I love Valorant
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I HATE this game, I had already talked about the matchmaking, and man, there's no way there's no way. I AM BRONZE 1 AND I PLAY AGAINST GOOD GUYS. I've already lost 7 ranked matches in a row, "Ah but you have to keep improving in the game and then you'll win" GO SHIT, I'm tired of this shit, if you're going to ban me, ban me right away, I'll only fall against good guys, and What's on my team? BAD GUY, GUY WHO JUST STAYS AFK, MAN I'M TIRED.
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Game Pairing
How can I be Bronze 1 and be sent against silver people? I'VE BEEN TRYING TO GO TO SILVER FOR MONTHS, TO GET OUT OF THIS BRONZE DISGRACE, but no, the game sends me against a full silver team so I can lose, I've been trying to move up for over 4 months but no, the pairing in this game is horrible, I hate it , I only play against silvers, I AM A SHIT BRONZE 1, screw you.
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