Created by muuiti_00 on 6/19/2024 in #help-and-questions
What's WhatsApp Integration
Hey everyone, Sorry for the dumb question. I am new and not good with tech. I’ve been experimenting with WhatsApp integration and have set up basic automated responses based on a flow chart template. However, I might not fully understand what the integration does(is it basically a autochatbot for your business WhatsApp?), and I have a few questions, especially about live chat capabilities and data management. 1. Live Chat Functionality: Can users chat live with us through this WhatsApp integration, or is it limited to automated responses? 2. Data Storage: Where is the information from these chats stored? Is it saved within WhatsApp, or is it stored elsewhere? 3. Lead Collection: How are leads collected and managed? Do I need to integrate with 3rdparty platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, or Zapier for lead? 4. Data Flow: How is the information from user interactions fed into the system? Are there specific protocols or APIs that handle this data transfer? I would appreciate your help with the dumb question.
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