Created by jsmth on 4/26/2024 in #✋|help
Cron Jobs skipped (no snapshot)
I’m trying to work out why the cron job scheduler isn’t triggering. It appears that when it runs it’s skipped and when I try to run it manually I get “cannot redeploy without a snapshot”. Attempted to find something in the docs to shed some light on this, but couldn’t find anything. Not sure if anyone’s ran into this before?
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Created by jsmth on 10/29/2023 in #✋|help
Weird Bug with Forked Environments
No description
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Created by jsmth on 9/27/2023 in #✋|help
Adding Templates Fail
When I make a new project with a template for PostgreSQL it works fine alhough when i try to add another service to this e.g. Redis Template using the new database templates w/ volumes, the deploy button firstly is behind other UI elements and I have to make my window super wide to access it and it also fails to deploy. Same with if I try to add a template e.g. PostgreSQL to an existing project.
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