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Created by Purr on 4/29/2024 in #tech-help
SRT server settings need to reduce lag
So I got a Windows server OS VDS and set up OBS there. I tested it with 2 SRT clients and see latency from 3to4 seconds from them. So I have some questions regarding this issue 1 do i need ffmpeg custom install or obs has it up to date and fully set up? 2 can i reduce that 4sec lag from client with some srt line arguments? on srvers side 3 how to optimize lag while having 2 or more clients? server and client are in one country phisicly server and client both have 1gb internet. CPU on server works fine and handle stable 60fps but on twitch channel i see buffers a lot and huge lag from server to twitch. clients sent srt on 6000 bitrate server use the same settings
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Created by Purr on 4/24/2024 in #tech-help
Virtual Server (aka Intel VDS\VPS) for streaming events
Hello! I just wandering will it be possible to stream using VPS\VDS with intel 2+ cores CPU no GPU? So for example 1st PC with GPU will stream to twitch channel and 2nd PC (the VPS) will use that twitch channel in OBS like browser source and then stream it to channel I need. So there is no need to use my own pc all day long if I will stream all day long (like marathon runs)
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Created by Purr on 8/10/2023 in #tech-help
How to fix this?
No description
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Created by Purr on 2/10/2023 in #tech-help
Best AV1 (Intel) settings for obs?
Share you settings for 1080p recording for Arc A380 GPU
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