DHDistant Horizons
Created by DobeyOP on 6/21/2024 in #help-me
LOD's only rendering 1 chunk ahead
Today I started a multiplayer server with one of my friends and we were planing to use Distant Horizons with Terralith and Tectonic. I got the server up and pre loaded a really big area of I think a total of 3000-6000 chunks (cant remember exactly). At the time I was using Sodium, Iris, Indium, The mod to see your body in first person, not enough animations, eating animations, and presence footsteps. Even after turning off shaders (Bliss) and the mods I realized that no matter what render distance I had I could only see 1 chunk ahead of my actual render distance. My friend on the other hand was able to see 100's of chunks ahead perfectly fine. If it helps, I set the server renderdistance to 256 just to make sure Distant Horizons could go that far in the server. Also the same thing happened when I checked in a singleplayer world. I followed all of the steps in the FAQ section but nothing helped.
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