explosive parrot
explosive parrot
Created by explosive parrot on 11/22/2023 in #💬・get-help
qBittorrent stopped working
qBittorrent integration stopped working as of the qbit 4.6.1 update
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Created by explosive parrot on 11/15/2023 in #💬・get-help
Kapa test
@kapa.ai how do I adjust widget size?
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Created by explosive parrot on 11/5/2023 in #💬・get-help
image scaling in iframes
Following some discussion in general, I'm hoping for help or insights from anyone for how to autoscale an image to fit into an iframe. This started with a desire to just have the APOD in an iframe and snowballed from there. The APOD is already being pulled with a bash command, but due to the daily resolution changes, will require autoscaling to fit an iframe. This will no longer be required once the picture widget rolls out.
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Created by explosive parrot on 10/24/2023 in #💬・get-help
qBittorent connection issues
Hello, my qBittorent was previously connecting, but has recently stopped (I believe creating more JSON configs was the trigger, but not necessarily the cause). The Homarr page/widget is reporting: No supported Torrent clients found! Add a supported Torrent client to view your current downloads The log file is reporting: Error communicating with your download client 'qBittorrent' (06460fbd-3bcf-496c-bc6f-623502830340): Error: Cookie not found. Auth Failed. I have tried clearing all cookies. All pings are green. What are my next troubleshooting steps?
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