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SaaS Auth & Login
hi, I run the SaaS app locally. Everything looks fine. I try to sign up as a user, but then can't login. It complains: "Invalid Credentials". I try look in docs but don't see something for this. I am expecting on local, it allows a local stored Auth credentials and then I can test it. Perhaps I am missing something? Thanks!
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Adding New Page
Hi, I'm new into fullstack. I want to add a new custom page that can be navigated from nvaigation bar at top (Features, Pricing, ...). Not sure what's the correct way or is it as simple as adding a file "XPage" under app folder? I searched for a tutorial page but could not find it so far. Appreciate the help.
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Deployment Options
Hi, I understand the recommended deployment is fly. I would like to ask if anyone can share their experience deploying on vercel or GCP Cloud Run. Perhaps comparison of these 3 would be apprecciated: Fly, Vercel, GCP Cloud Run.
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