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Need help with ipyleaflet
Hello, I am trying to design a map in ipyleaflet and need some help. I am currently working on the compass, to help people in finding the correct azimuth (orientation) of their solar arrays (inspired by: This is what I currently have: I'm trying to implement the following things now: - Stylise the compass. It's kinda ugly - Add north/south/east/west indicators and/or degree indicators to the circle - Add a widget in the top right corner to display the azimuth I find the documentation of ipyleaflet (not solara) lacking. It's maybe doable for experts but this is my first frontend project, and there are only a few examples that do very simple things. I would be very grateful if you could point me to some examples of how to built the things in my list.
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How to embed swagger API documentation into a solara page?
I have an API running on the same host as the solara application. I would like to embed the swagger documentation in solara, is this possible?
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OpenStreetMap compass?
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