Younes Graichi
Younes Graichi
Created by Younes Graichi on 6/19/2024 in #💬│support
Firebase is forcing users to migrate from FCM to HTTP v1 (Does Novu supports HTTP v1)??
Hi everyone I've got an email from firebase (check the attached email on the bottom) And I was wondering if Novu have ever migrated it's SDK from FCM to HTTP v1??? and if yes on which version? this is the email: We’re writing to remind you that starting June 20, 2024 the legacy Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) APIs will be discontinued. This change will cause the legacy APIs to return an increased number of error responses. The discontinued APIs will be completely shut down by July-August 2024. What you need to do If you’re still using legacy APIs to send messages with FCM, and do not expect the migration to the HTTP v1 API to be completed by June 20, 2024, please submit an extension request with Firebase Support before then to avoid disruptions in your service. We’re here to help We understand this change may take some planning, and we're here to support you during this transition. If you have any questions or need more information about the specific error codes and error messages, please review the Firebase FAQs. Thanks, - Todd on behalf of the Firebase team
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