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What do you think of card UI?

I want to use the card as Ad, what do you think?
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Login/registration page or pop up in e-commerce website?

hey guys i wondered does ecommerce website really need login/registration page or just need a login/registration pop up

Contact page ecommerce

hey guys, im working on contact page of ecommerce-website about clothing, and i would need your feedback about which design look better, and why? Thanks alot...
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Can anyone help me why does the search button is necessary in this autosugggest design?

Here is a design that shows the search result when user types the keyword in the input field and can submit the search with enter key from the keyboard. But in the design here is the search button also which seems like it does not do any anything can anyone have some arguments on why we need this search button?
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What's this style called and how can I implement in a website?

Does this have a particular name? These shapes combining together to make a picture but each shape has a different shape of the same colour. It looks amazing. Or if you know where I can find more like these that would be great too. btw I found it in a game called warframe. Here's the assets on its wiki...
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Slack App UI improvements.

Hello there fellers I was working in an old code base for slack integration in a rails app. I was changing the UI for the slack app and I just wanted to make the modals a bit prettier too so I just saw these 3 examples on the slacks official docs but I didn't find anything yet on how to get that look i.e purple header and minimal fields etc. I do know that UI of slack apps are built using JSONs and I did explore their UI building kit too but didn't find anything is it even possible ?...

How can I improve my website design

you can destroy it, Sugget me better font , image vector, colour ui design

Need to show 3 cards but want to do something different and unique. Any ideas?

Here's how they look right now. They look terrible in my opinion but I can't come up with something else. I wanna try something new with the layout or at the very least somehow make it look not so atrocious. I know I'm being vague but I really have no idea here....
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Better option among three screens

This is the transfer screen that I designed and I got three options and I don't know which is better so I decided to let you guys decide for me. I also want to know if my color, typo and layouts are good. Also, in first one, I used a bit shadow for Number button and I want to know if it is good or I should just leave it flat. Thanks everyone in advance!
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Feedback for a website layout

Hey everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone would mind giving me some feedback on this website I've been creating. I'm more or less happy with the homepage, however something doesn't quite feel right with the two other pages in terms of typography, and the positioning of my elements. Any feedback or resources to useful places would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
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which design should I go for a poster

I have been asked to make a poster in canva. But I can't understand which design should I choose from. It's a travelling agency .I have made the first one .And others are premade.which one should I go for .please help....
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Two columns layout for code snippets: A or B?

What do you think is better? A (left) or B (right) and why? I prefer B because the user doesn't have to scroll unless the snippet is too long (at a certain point an overflow-y will appear), but idk about readability Please ping on reply πŸ™πŸ»...
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Product card feedback

I need some feedback before merging with prod, give me your rating?
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Can I get some feedback for my website?

Hi guys, can you have a 2 minute look at my site and give me some feedback. Please don't hold back with your feedback. btw navbar for mobile is not completed yet

πŸ”΄ Building Websites for FreeπŸ”΄

I'm Stefano, I'm the Founder of Kaizen Media. I'm offering my custom web design & web development services to those who need it for free. Shoot me a DM and Let's Build -Fully Coded -No Templates used -Mobile Friendly...
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