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a11yphant - Learning web accessibility made easy

a11yphant teaches web accessibility, one step at a time, broken down into manageable pieces. Completely free of charge.

WAVE Browser Extensions

Found this very nifty extension from WebAIM. Works perfect locally (with or without styles) and gives you link to both reference and code and much more.

unicode character list

Hey, does anyone have an easy to navigate list/chart that shows the unicode strings of generic characters like a-z, question marks, brackets etc? I can't seem to find a good quality one, thanks in advance.

Preparing for a frontend Interview This is an excellent hour long video by Li Hau talking about preparing for a svelte frontend interview. However, it translates to any framework and he includes a lot of general advice based on his own experiences hiring devs. Really good resource....

screen reader setup for testing

Only way to really know is to test manually, please don't just guess!

online grid generator

Hello, For a grid layout, I always use this site :

Build a framework from scratch

Linked by @ErickO, an article with a really fancy code display and an in-depth walkthrough on how to build a react-like framework from scratch, including excellent explanations on how and why certain things work like they do:

JS Course On Udemy

Hey guys , im new here 🙂 I want to start learning JS by course from Udemy , can you guys help me and tell me which course to choose ?...

100% Free resources for Beginners

Hello everyone, I started a project a few years back that listed YouTube videos on programing and were arranged in categories and technology wise. Today I just revamped the whole project. Added other resources as well and will now only include high quality YouTube videos. ...

CSS Custom Property Cheat Sheet

This is my own cheat sheet for a alternative of Kevin's own one

Polypane Open-Source Alternative

Here's an open source alternative for those (like me) that don't feel like having to pay a subscription for every single tool they want to use: