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Wrap each block of text in a tag

I am starting a new project from frontend mentor. Usually the site lets you download a starter folder, that has some starter essentials to help you, but a thing I don't like is that they let there a raw html. I was wondering, is there a way to wrap each block of these texts in some tag with vscode? So I don't have to do each for each one
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ELI5 Gradle and Docker

Hey guys, I think I just have a fundamental misunderstanding of gradle and docker. I have this codebase at work that builds with gradle and sets up a docker container locally. I was having trouble with the gradle build and it was failing the build. I reached out to another developer and they mentioned that I need to build the project with Java 11 (I had Java 22). I was able to build successfully then by doing ./gradlew -D'<path-to-jdk-11>'...

Github rep issue

So i was just adding another repository and when i do add . after this it just takes so longgggg i dont know why over 5 min i tried to delete it like with rm index.lock and then again


do any of yall know how to make a list for google directory entries so people can find the website

github pages using Vite

Hello, I've been struggling for quite a long time with github pages. As I've used Vite for my simple todo project my index.html is stored in public folder, therefore the github pages can't reach it as it looks for it in the root folder. I've tried to create a new branch where index.html was in the root, but it just doesn't work at all....

Automatically deploy local files to server on change? (Currently just using filezilla)

Can anyone suggest me a tool to automatically push my local changes to like an ftp file? I'm using Tailwind with WordPress and my client is telling me to work on the files that are uploaded in the server via FTP, and we are only using FileZilla, but I need to build my tailwind locally as well. Any suggestions/tools to automate this, or make the workflow better?...

How do codepen views works?

I was wondering that some of my projects has quite a few amount of views. I wonder if the views comes from different people or if it also counts myself, when I click on the project?
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Compiling SCSS

I’ve been using CodeKit for years and years to compile SCSS. I have my own framework in there that compiles via imports into about 30 projects. It’s getting super slow and I’m wondering if there is a better alternative?

Google Search Console Errors

Hi! First off I appreciate all help that I can get. I have tried for a long time, but everything I do doesn't fix the issues or allow for more. I have removed many of the sites from the 'removals tab' that are getting a problem but still appear. I have added images of the biggest problem "Alternate page with proper canonical tag", the overview, and the removals tab. As a background, I have tried multiple tools including multiple sitemap generators and ScreamingFrogSEOSpider. But when I want them to scrape the website it continues and loops into pages that don't exist. When I want it to scrape the version via GitHub pages it works but this current website is hosted through Cloudflare pages but I have enabled features to ease the way and quality of the bots who can scrape and index it. The website with the problems is '' ( if it's hard to see in the screenshots. I have also had a hard time to setup www in the Cloudflare DNS settings. I have tried the regular CNAME method multiple times but the only thing that works is hosting the website again but on that subdomain but that makes that site act like a different website. I would love to get help with this as well....
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Npm Errors

Hey Everyone I'm facing this Problem when ever I try To execute a script from both tailwind or react I don't understand way that happens even if the packages are fully updated ! any help please ❀
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How to work on a project on 2 local machines?

I'll be working on projects on my laptop and desktop. I initially started it on my laptop. If I now fork/clone the github repo onto my desktop, make changes, then commit them, am I still doing the below on my desktop? git add . git commit...

Emmet @media

How does @media work with emmet? For example when I type @m can I then fill in the (min-width: value)? How does the screen keyword that is highlighted work? @media screen {


Hi, so I'm planning on installing Planka (similar to Trello, however, open-sourced and free). And the installation options are Docker or a Server. The website to Planka is:, and I have never used Docker and haven't rlly hosted a server. So, I need a bit help, where do I start the installation? What would the first steps be, etc.

Cygwin Question

I need help. I'm going through a Command Line course (via Wes Bos) and kinda ran into a roadblock. First of all, I can use the standard terminal, of course, but I've been using Git Bash instead. In the course, Wes suggests installing Cygwin if you're running Windows. So, like a good student, I went to download. Started installing and made it to the window where I'm supposed to choose the packages I want to install. I have NO IDEA what to choose here, and from what I've read online, installing AL...
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Mac Upgrade

Hello, I would like to upgrade macs and I currently have 2 options: Option 1:...

Emmet Autocomplete for srcset atrribute

Steps to reproduce: Position your cursor inside the " " for srcset & type a /. You cannot use autocomplete to easily enter in the path to the image you wish, e.g., /images/img1.webp. You have to manually type out the path. This is a problem. Autocomplete should work in both src AND in srcset....

Quick git question

I have the following merge request (see image). The commits with green lines next to them are already a part of the branch I want to merge to. The third commit is the one that I'd like to merge to the new branch....
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cPanel User Domain

Is there a way to access a user's public_html files without setting an actual domain? I have a temporary, not real domain name set up for my user kanboard called kanboard.tld. I want to be able to access this using my server's ipv4 address. I've found ways to do this online but I'm just not sure if that's the only way: something like <ipv4>/~kanboard/index.html. Hard to formulate my question if that doesn't make sense but in essence I just want an easy way to store my files and access them publicly using cPanel....

What is this part called in css

I am in the proses of customizing firefox whit css but don't seem to find how i can change the color off this section?
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