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Other languages support

Hi. Does the Lurkr bot support languages other than english?

Role Reward not being assigned - Inaccessible role

Hi! I have been using the lurkr bot to reward members with a role after they hit rank 5. However, someone yesterday joined the server and quickly hit rank 5 and is now at 6, but hasn't received the role.

How to add xp/levels to a member

Hi, someone was banned by an automod bot by mistake, and I revoked their ban. Is it possible to get their XP back? If not, how can I manually give them XP?

bot kinda works

Bot sometimes levels people up, any fixes?

Slash commands not showing up for users

Today lurkr in my server start not working i mean members wants use /rank but the bot is not in the list of / slash command when someone type.

I mean bot has all perms I checked.

Also bot is not in the "Integrations/Apps"

What can be the problem?

Levels are resetting when users talk


Users are having their leveled role rewards REMOVED or RESET to level 1 despite their levels/xp stating otherwise. I have used /level set and /level role. Neither works. /config check and /config troubleshooting both don't come out with anything helpful at all.

Please help. Thank you!


Hello is possible adding XP Weekend for all members.

I mean when start weekend i want add on the bot TRIPLE XP for weekend only and when it ends will be removed, xp come back to normal

Leveling channel but no level up messages.

Hey guys i have imported my data and when people level up they get the ranks but the bot does not signal them leveling up in the server, how can i fix this issue, there is not a place in the help section for it.

Bot isn't showing up in Integrations

Hi, the bot is not showing up in integrations of my server. I am not sure what is wrong, is there a limit to the number of bots in integration panel? Thus the members are not able to use slash commands too.

membergraph is off by 11 days

I released my server on Nov 11, 2022, which was 289 days ago, put that amount in the graph and it starts before the actual release date. Put 278 days, it starts on the actual release date. However the dates on the bottom are correct

Unable to add channel to xp multiplier

Tryin to add a channel to x1.5 multiplier, but whenever i use the command, the bot just keeps "thinking" forever. If i try from the dashboard, and i save, when i reload the page the channel disappears form the multiplier. I have this problem with another channel too. Bot has admin priovilages and other channels work.

Dashboard bugged (?)

The guildes section in the dashboard automatically redirects me to the levels section where i can enable the leveling button but i doesn't save the settings nor can i go anywhere else from there

Rank number in rank card is off by one

the ranks of the people in the servers i am in show a rank less than what they actually have.


How do I get Lurkr in a specific channel when someone gets a level? I have seen it in a lot of servers

Lurkr xp with Crue discord bot doable?

Is it possible to use Lurkr's xp leveling with Crue's reward system? Like if members get a certain level they can buy a role to level up? I've set it up now that people start at level 1 and at level 5 you rank up to the other rank in the order. With crue you get points to level up and buy certain rewards. Is this possible to combine the two or is Lurkr ever gonna support rewards, just for the sake of dopamine.

Sending the level up message on a specific channel

Tried using the bot I didn't understand please help I need it to be in one channel it does the level up msg

Make it like mee6

How do I make this bot level up at the same rate as mee6

bot wont acknowledge a role

ive been trying to make it give a role when someone reaches level one and it always show this message