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What’s the average level can you reach in 3 days if you were averagely active in a server?

I'm just curious because I'm trying to incorporate this information on my server to better the features I'm implementing in it.
it depends on how many messages that includes. feel free to play around with as it has an estimate amount of messages sent

xp wont gain and roles wont assign

cant gain xp and it wont assign roles help the bot was working fine the other day as far as im aware, people were getting to level 2 and what not (the lowest available level), i think i set up a multiplier because it was taking a longgg time for people to get to level 10 (now we have a level 5) am i missing something? or have something wrong?...
yeah, as seen in your first screenshot, the bot is missing access to pretty much every leveling channel you set.
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Sometimes unnecessary messages appear on the Rank Card

You can set /background set like this, Can I turn off informational messages such as set /clour?
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Is there a way to make it so when the user receives a level role i can customize the message? Example: ``` Congratulations, you received the level 5 role!...


Why bot don't giving rank
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RTTRoyal Tart πŸͺToter2/14/2024

Leveling multipliers showing duplicated roles in the web leaderboard

This is from a Mobil device with the view set to desktop mode
@Royal Tart πŸͺToter should be fixed now.
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MMaol πŸ—• πŸ—— πŸ—™2/13/2024

Leveling question: Leveling Role Hierarchy/Multiplier Value Priority

Hello, first of all, good evening, I was playing with the bot and I like it a lot. I have a question, I have put this option on the left side (see image) So it means for example General chat: 0.5 Top role: 0.3...
that option is solely for picking which role multiplier to use, in the event that you have different role multipliers, and a member has 2 or more of those
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Keeping the bot from removing level reward roles

Is there a way to prevent the bot from removing level reward roles from people that already have the role prior to reaching the level?
No. Leveling Role Rewards are meant to be fully managed by the bot.


How can I give/take away XP in a person?
Please read the documentation

User assignable roles

For example. Can i have self assignable roles by clicking an emoji?
You can use server onboarding for such a thing. There is no reason to use bots for that anymore
ANAlice Northwest2/11/2024

Lurkr is deleting messages

Lurkr was deleting messages, before I kicked lurkr out of my sever, and It just stopped
you most likely set a public channel as the emoji-list channel

Importing just doesn't work.

Transfering levels in a server of about 500 people from Mee6, bot returns "Received an unexpected response from MEE6. Please, report this issue in our support server."...
@FilFee should be fixed. can you try again?
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How do i add level roles on the bots dashboard?
RTTRoyal Tart πŸͺToter2/6/2024

auto roles not showing

They have been working for a long time now it looks like this I am testing I'd its still working rn
i closed and opened a new page and it was fine. i turned off Brave web browser shields before hand
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β”‹πŸ±β”‹πš‚πšžπšœπš‘πš’ β«Έ1/21/2024

I'm having issues telling if a leveling function is actually disabled.

I have toggled "Only Announce Level-Ups Together With Role Rewards" on and off, while comparing it to /config troubleshoot, and it's not giving me any indication the function is actually off. I have also tried /config delete but it's still giving me that "βœ… looks good" with everything I do. We need it off in our server, and members haven't been getting level up messages because of it....
Giving it Admin perms most definitely seems to have fixed it 😭 I'm so sorry for the slow back-and-forth. I somehow forgot that our server having a "verification role" that members must receive in order to see our channels causes obstacles for bots that join. If they're moderation bots of any sort, we'd give them admin. If they're channel-specific, we'd give them what they need and full rein over their channel. Since we need Lurkr to see the whole server, it needed Admin. And I just... didn't realize that <:doggo_concern:906480921266487306>...
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RTTRoyal Tart πŸͺToter1/19/2024

will milestone rewards be removed with rolestacking off?

If you set a Leveling Role Reward to be the same as a Milestone Role, then yes, when the member reaches the next reward the role will be removed.
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WMH[WBW] Makoto πŸ§ΈπŸ’ž | #HaveAliya1/18/2024

Automatically Controlled Member Milestones question - Can I setup different role rewards for different kind of milestone? (1000, 5000, 10000, 50000, 100000) as a example - When a milestone reach, all of the server or only the member join on a milestone get role? - Can I have multiple milestone settings and can I choose what "milestone" will be announced?...
1. Unfortunately not, at the moment you can only reward one role. 2. Only the member who joined on that milestone. 3. You can choose when the milestones happen, ie. Every 500 members or every 1000 members, etc....

Only one role levels up

Is there a way to allow only one role to earn xp and the rest not? I tried with x0 multipliers but it won't let me save....
there's a "no xp roles" feature, but not the opposite

Level Leaderboard: Multiplier Showing Duplicates

When you go a server's leveling leaderboard (web version), the multipliers show the roles as duplicates Our server, as the example
@Chad the issue is resolved for now
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