Payment shows unsuccessful even though it's not


I got an email today morning about last month usage (1 Aug - 1 Sep) payment shows unsuccessful even though it's not,
The amount is charged from my bank account, and got a full receipt from my bank showing that the amount is actually charged successfully.

In Railway.app dashboard it says:
You have an unpaid invoice. Click here to pay your invoice in order to avoid disconnection of services.

I already contacted billing@railway.app hoping to solve the issue, but mean while if there is anything I can do to resolve it to avoid disconnection of services please do share with me 🙏🏼
Thread has been flagged to Railway team by @Brody.
Your account seems fine on my end. Could you share a screenshot of what you're seeing?
I might have spoken too soon. Hold on.
Seeing this on our end.
Could you contact your bank to ensure the payment actually went through?
they said they saw a withdrawal and their bank account
Yep. Sometimes these show up even after a payment failure and then later your bank shows a reversed charge.
Hence the contact them for confirmation thing.
I contacted them at morning they told me that the payment was successful and amount was charged, but I will make sure again maybe it was reversed later on, I will contact them again and get back to you 👍🏽

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