I can not deploy angular project, killed

I do not know what is the problem
I hope someone can help me,
Project ID dd70810d-29a4-4c5e-b7b4-f2ba13eff217
Thank you
ng serve starts a development server, you do not want to run a development server on railway, as you can see it started to use more than 512mb of ram and was killed
to deploy an angular app properly you will need to use a production ready web server, here is a angular template that does just that
- make sure that outputPath in your angular.json is set to just dist
- copy the nixpacks.toml and Caddyfile from that repo into your repo
In this template I do not see de script start {
"name": "angular-template",
"version": "1.0.0",
"scripts": {
"ng": "ng",
"dev": "ng serve",
"build": "ng build",
"watch": "ng build --watch --configuration development",
"test": "ng test"
}, When i delete this command of my project, it do not deploy
please follow the instructions i have just provided
Muchas gracias Brody, disculpa mi lentitud, gracias a tus instrucciones ya funciona y ya esta corriendo mi frontend en angular.
awsome! anything else you need help with?
No Brody, with this frontend no, but i have problem with my backend in .net 6, i have to open another topic in this channel?
yeah it would be best to open another thread
Thank you for your help you are the best!
no problem 🙂

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