Railway10mo ago

Clicking 'Observability' button goes to the wrong project

Expected Flow - You click on a project, go to 'Observability' and view the logs. - You then click on another project using the / {project name} / {service name} / and using the drop down, switch to a different project. - You automatically switch to the Architecture tab. - You click on the Observability tab. - You are now viewing logs for a different project. What Occurs - I switch to a different project. - I click observability tab. - Suddenly, I am back to the first project, viewing it's logs instead. Notes - The issue does not occur if I reload after switching to a different project.
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Percy10mo ago
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Xevion10mo ago
N/A I can record this flow if this is a me-only issue, but I'd rather not post it in here publicly and expose my personal stuff. I'm going to assume for now that this issue is reproducable, and possibly already reported by others. I'll be logging off real shortly, so if I don't reply - I'll pick this up in the morning - as long as I get a ping.
Xevion10mo ago
Illustrated: D -> A -> E -> D
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Brody10mo ago
cc @gschier
Greg Schier
Greg Schier10mo ago
Ah yes, this is likely a bug. Will look at it right now 🙂 Fixed!