OpenSearch deployment

Hi everyone. I require assistance with deploying an instance of OpenSearch since I get an error during deployment.

I'm deploying it using docker image from the docker hub: opensearchproject/opensearch

Here are the ENV variables I've set up:

Here are the logs of deployment:
Disabling execution of install_demo_configuration.sh for OpenSearch Security Plugin

Disabling OpenSearch Security Plugin

Disabling execution of /usr/share/opensearch/bin/opensearch-performance-analyzer/performance-analyzer-agent-cli for OpenSearch Performance Analyzer Plugin

./opensearch-docker-entrypoint.sh: line 70:    10 Killed                  "$@" "${opensearch_opts[@]}"

Would appreciate any help
Project ID: 1a71e0e6-e67a-454b-8581-20a28334e240
more often than not Killed means you ran out of memory, according to your discord tags you are on the trial plan so thats 512mb of ram, you may need to upgrade to hobby, but just to make sure it is an out of memory issue, please send a screenshot of your service metrics
show me memory usage from when you where getting the killed message
I reran deployment(and have waited till it runs out of retries) right before making the screenshot. Now the metrics are displayed as follows
looks like the graph doesnt have enough data points to show the short term memory spike
upgrade to hobby and redeploy
Okay, will try, thank you

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