NestJS app starts correctly but receives SIGTERM after 20 seconds (Hobby Plan)

Hello !

I've managed to successfully deployed and start my NestJS app, but I receive a SIGTERM 20 seconds after...I didn't do anything fancy, it's just the starter project from NestJS.
Here are the logs :

[Nest] 32 - 09/13/2023, 5:16:03 PM LOG [NestFactory] Starting Nest application...

[Nest] 32 - 09/13/2023, 5:16:03 PM LOG [InstanceLoader] AppModule dependencies initialized +13ms

[Nest] 32 - 09/13/2023, 5:16:03 PM LOG [RoutesResolver] AppController {/}: +9ms

[Nest] 32 - 09/13/2023, 5:16:03 PM LOG [RouterExplorer] Mapped {/, GET} route +2ms

[Nest] 32 - 09/13/2023, 5:16:03 PM LOG [NestApplication] Nest application successfully started +2ms

npm ERR! path /app

npm ERR! command failed

npm ERR! signal SIGTERM

npm ERR! command sh -c -- nest start

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:

npm ERR! /root/.npm/_logs/2023-09-13T17_11_54_812Z-debug-0.log

I suspected that maybe it was using too much ram but i'm on the Hobby Plan and the error still occurs.

Thanks in advance 🙂
Project ID : e5f91dca-5bef-47ab-9858-ff372f19d0ed
when did you upgrade to hobby?
Then I redeployed the app
(today = like 30 minutes ago)
(20 actually)
Nevermind, I restarted the app and now it works 🙂
love when problems solve themselves 🤣

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