Files on mounted volume not available after redeploy

I did a fresh deploy of @Brody 's Payload CMS template (https://github.com/brody192/payload-cms-template), but when redeployed, the media files uploaded are not available.
AH!!! It doesn't even add to the volume..
This is my solution:

import path from "path";
const dev = process.env.NODE_ENV !== "production";

export default function volumePath(directory: string) {
  const prodPath = process.env.VOLUME_PATH || `/home/node/app/uploads`;
  return dev
    ? path.resolve(__dirname, `../../uploads/${directory}`)
    : path.resolve(prodPath, directory);

And in the Media config file:
import volumePath from "../utilities/volumePath";

const Media: CollectionConfig = {
  slug: "media",
  access: {
    // Payload's access control functions apply to files also, meaning you can permit or deny file downloads easily
    read: () => true,
    create: () => true,
    update: () => true,
    delete: () => true,
  admin: {
    useAsTitle: "filename",
    description: "upload media",
    group: "Content",
  upload: {
    adminThumbnail: "thumbnail",
    imageSizes: [
        name: "thumbnail",
        width: 150,
        name: "normal",
        width: 820,
        name: "wide",
        width: 1400,
        name: "fullscreen",
        width: 1920,
    staticDir: volumePath("media"),
  fields: [
      name: "alt",
      label: "Alt Text",
      type: "text",
      required: true,

export default Media;

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