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Created by Zztop5 on 4/21/2024 in #iris-issues
Lag Spikes
Recently, from about Minecraft version 1.19.3 until now I have had lag spikes in both single-player and multi-player. Just a few minutes of playing and my fps suddenly drops from around 30-40(my fps with most shaders) to 2. It goes back up to the stable fps it was at before after about 15 seconds, and this process continues on and on. Even without shaders, this lag spike still happens. These lag spikes slow my entire computer, and if I try pausing the game and moving my mouse, it also lags, meaning that my system slows as a whole. Allocating more RAM delays this process, but it still happens. This never happened before 1.19.3, and when I try Optifine, it works perfectly without any lag spikes, but obviously, with a lower frame rate. I have an RTX 3050 and an Intel Core i7. I'm unsure if this is a problem with my settings, graphics card, or sodium. In the attached video I am using Complementary Unbound.
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