All cron jobs skipped

Project ID: f3ce15da-e811-4392-8e64-d21d3ca5660e

I have a project with a cron job that runs every 15 minutes to gather new data from an API that I use. Somehow, since Sept 13 at 15:30, all my cron jobs are being skipped.

Before that moment, everything was running fine. I didn't change anything about the deployment settings or in my code. What happened and how can I fix this?
are you sure your app is exiting?
I've been having the same issue, cron jobs keep being skipped and pushing a new commit appears to fix the issue for a few runs of the job, but it breaks again and keeps skipping thereafter.

Project ID: aa51d924-3d7e-4bd8-8ea2-b2e0c54b328c
Yeah, the app does exit after the code execution.
Thanks! Push a new empty commit solved the problem. Let's see for how long it will be fixed...

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