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TIPThe Iris Project
Created by Syllith on 6/11/2024 in #iris-issues
Extremely low FPS UI with shader enabled
I'm running Iris 1.7 with Distant Horizons and a compatible shader. Whenever I bring up ANY sort of UI menu, my FPS gets extremely low. As soon as I leave the UI and return to normal gameplay, the FPS returns to normal shortly after. I've disabled DH and only ran the shader, and the problem persisted. I tried again with the shader completely disabled, and the problem was instantly resovled. Interestingly, I've noticed the problem doesn't seem to occur with the F3 menu open.
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TIPThe Iris Project
Created by Syllith on 6/9/2024 in #iris-issues
UI stutters when visible
Basically any UI, such as the inventory or pause menu, causes my FPS to tank until I unpause the game. I have tried disabling mods but the only thing that seems to fix it is disabling shaders all together. Performance is fantastic during regular gameplay, just not when a UI menu is opened
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DHDistant Horizons
Created by Syllith on 5/22/2024 in #help-me
Best practice for preloading chunks on servers
I am running my own server via docker compose with Fabric. I created a new world and could clearly see where the chunks stopped rendering. I tried using chunky to force these chunks to render, but it didn't work. I'm wondering if it's possible to preload these chunks in order for DH to immediately have LODs. I know in the FAQ it says in multiplayer you must physically visit the locations first, but several people have suggested using something like chunky in order to achieve this, but I'm getting mixed messages. I've also heard loading a singleplayer world first, then saving the LODs, then moving the world to a server would work, but I'm not sure what that process entails or if its even possible. I've also heard of a server side fork, but don't know where to get info on this. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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