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Created by VENKAT on 6/8/2024 in #questions
PUBG MOBILE club connections
How can I remove the connected account on club? I want to connect my YouTube account in the club but when I connect it's showing the wrong name of my channel. It's showing my Google account name I don't know why. Is there any way to connect to another channel? Because every time I remove and connect the previous one is only coming. I want to connect a new one after removing
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Created by VENKAT on 6/5/2024 in #community-help
riot vanguard upload logs
No description
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Created by VENKAT on 5/18/2024 in #questions
I'm getting these bonus RP points but I don't know what's the use of it but its description is saying that it is used somewhere. Is the event for it delayed or something else
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Created by VENKAT on 4/25/2024 in #questions
Team popularity battle points question
Hi so the new team popularity battle has started and I have a doubt about it. As you can see in our team we 3 people are winning out of 4 so it's considered a victory to us but in the estimated points section it's showing as we will get only "5" points. Why are these points so low? I think we should also get opponent teams half points.
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Created by VENKAT on 3/14/2024 in #questions
New Locked crate information?
I have a doubt I will explain in points. 1. I have purchased this locked crate with BP 2. After 20 hours I dismantled it and I got "20" sky token. 3. Now I redeemed 10 treasure coins with sky tokens. [Because 2 sky tokens = 1 treasure coin] 4. So my doubt is ,are these coins that i have are permanent? 5. Because in crate details it says that opened crates will be cleared in next themed update. Does that mean all of the coins I have collected will disappear? Please answer this [This is the video which I'm talking about]
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