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Creating ISOs for TTYD

Is there a way to properly create a iso game image with ttyd? Seems like as soon as I try to run
wit x ttyd.iso base/
wit copy --align-files base/ ttyd_patched.iso
wit x ttyd.iso base/
wit copy --align-files base/ ttyd_patched.iso

Camera Teleportation Behavior

Is there a way to have the camera instantly teleport to Mario's location instead of having it move there? I want to achieve a sort of "endless staircase" effect, where upon touching a collider, it teleports Mario to another collider, relative to where Mario was on the first collider, and instantly snaps the camera to him
FGFantasy Guy1/26/2024

Is it possible to modify Mario's moves

So, I was wondering if it's possible to modify Mario's jump and hammer type moves where it does a custom set damage, with a custom animation and action command and set the FP cost. how would I be able to do that? or if it's possible to import partner moves to Mario?

Mario's eye texture problem ttyd

Hey guys! long time no see, so im making a paper Mario ttyd mod that replaces stuff with sonic character's! of course I start with sonic replacing Mario and everything's cool. the only problem being Mario's eyes, Mario's eyes are way to tall for sonic as you can see in the image. So I go in aseprite and increase the canvas to see if that would help but that just made the eyes smaller! So does anyone know how to fix this? I know there has to be a way, I see other mods get it right .
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How to do adaptive music

Here's how to change BGM track volumes dynamically in response to gameplay. call bgm_set_track_volumes with the music player (probably 0) and an enum MusicTrackVols, which maps to data in snd_song_get_track_volumes_set the specified tracks will fade to the specified volumes over 48 ticks use snd_song_clear_track_volumes with the same arguments to undo...
SSSurge Simp12/24/2023

Custom Music

How do I add custom music? I've seen a tutorial on youtube using n64miditool and a guy that said that I should use Mamar, but I have no idea how to use either of those.
SSSurge Simp12/17/2023

Failed to create shader SpriteShader null

I get this error whenever I try to open the sprite editor in Star Rod. I'll post the log in a bit.

Adding new Debuff - Frozen status issue #1 of 2

Hello, I'm resurfacing this issue when enabling Frozen Status for enemies adding this code enables Mario's move to apply Frozen Status to enemies ``` %By Quackles & Grobyc ...

[Solved] Issue with loading custom map

I tried loading a custom map I began making as a way to figure out how to make maps, but when I try to load it in game all I get is a crash. Does anyone know why this could be?
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Updating Visual for Boosts in Battle

I know older mods have a thing where when displaying stat boosts the visuals don't accurately show when you boost or lower attack and defense. I was wondering what would be the best way to update that? For example, here an attack boost of +1 is applied but the arrow only displays "+0"....
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Hi all, I wanted to create a thread for feedback regarding my project Firelight. I've talked about it a bit but it is an emulator frontend that will have an eShop-like romhack browser/downloader. So here goes!
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How to call a Script from a Function?

I've seen you can call a Function from a Script, but can you call a Script from a Function? All I've found is Functions calling other Functions The idea behind this is to make an NPC behavior swap from a scripted one to an ASM one (Function) back and forth, but I don't know how to call my script back from a function/ASM code Any idea?...
WTWeegie Tooie11/16/2023


I decided to mod the game just by changing some characters, icons, text, etc, and like the weirdest series of events happened; I would load into the game, and before the file select screen would come up, the beginning cutscene would start, Mario dies and gets a game over, and I'm greeted with this odd error text
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Example Star Rod Mod/Patch

I’ve been reviewing the pinned Star Rod guides which are very helpful. Are there any example mods/patch files that can be used as a reference to see how to create a mod for PM64 using Star Rod? Even something basic like adding a new entry/exit point to a map (i.e., if player is at position XYZ on MapA go to MapB) and what patch files would need to be created for that. Thanks in advance!

Custom Text in TTYD?

If anyone can help me figure out how to edit the dialog boxes and stuff, I'd be totally grateful. I'm just toying around with a custom partner, and I've been looking around for a tutorial to edit text. I have no clue what I'm doing....

Arguments for summoned enemies

Hello! I'm making a multi-stage battle with waves of enemies, and come the second stage a ton of things are breaking down and going wrong - including enemies acting in the wrong order, using the wrong moves, and crashing the game. I think at least some of the problems are caused by me not understanding the arguments for formations and special formations. Could someone in the know break things down for me?

Skip File Select

Hey all! I've thought of a patch that I wanted to make for (now 2) hacks that I'm working on. Ideally, the patch would hook into the function for pressing start on the title screen, Would Check if there is existing data in file slot 1, and if not it would create first play data on that file, then eventually it would load that file. I know a tiny bit of asm but this feels way beyond me. Does anybody know what functions or addresses would be useful for this undertaking?

Models not appearing on battlemap

Asked a few people about this already, but we've all come up blank, so now I'm turning to y'all. I'm trying to create a fairly complex boss arena that includes, but is not limited to, a stalactite model that falls on Mario's head as part of an attack. It looks fine in the editor, but in-game the stalactite doesn't appear - and when the boss uses its supermove, the entire background falls instead. I'm guessing that at some point in the loading process, the order of models is getting scrambled, causing some to take the place of others and some to not load at all. Could this battlemap have inherited some rogue code from the vanilla map that I copied? Do battlemaps have some secret rules about models that I'm unaware of? Is the shape file somehow not updating? I'm at a bit of a loss, and not sure how to proceed. And yes, the normals are facing the right way....