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The mod have any dependence?

Everything green far away

I'm using Fabric&Iris, but even with no shaders applied this happens I'm on Multiplayer...
No description

no option to open the editing menu in single player world

I can't access the mod menu editor

This is a out of memory error response, correct?

https://mclo.gs/alUeyMZ WARNING: HI it's me from last night, the modding maniac again. I had all this running pretty smoothly last week, then added another batch of stuff and it broke it, or so I thought, and then no matter what I try to disable I seem to get this popping up when running Chunky at 1000 radius. For reference, I'm a fool trying to mod the beta version, I know, I don't wanna bother you guys with modding support so I just wanna see if its a lack of memory issue! ...
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DH working but the Minecraft Render Texture is very low quality + DH renders slow + Game stuttering

Version 1.19.2 (Every Fabric Version doesn´t work) So I have a Problem that I have basically kinda 3 Render Circles around my character. I have the DH render Circle then I have the Minecraft 32 Chunks render Circle (Where the Texture looks very low quality, which is not normal) and then I have a third render Circle which is maybe 10 blocks and the blocks in there render perfectly fine. And then what I have too, is that DH renders pretty slow and the game itself stutters. I have no clue what it could be or how to even fix it, maybe someone could help me....
It looks like it is Minecraft itself for what reason

How do i share DH saves of world seeds with other ppl?

Just looking for help on how to do this

DH not working in Multiplayer

I have a Server with a reterraforged Map. The LODs wont generate in this map. If I use a normal Minecraft Map for the Server the LODs will generate. But if I play the reterraforged Map in Singleplayer the LODs will normally generate. I can bypass it by moving DistantHorizons.sqlite from the Singleplayer to my Multiplayerfolder. The Problem is it wont refresh the LODs if I play on the Server again because it is not working on the server. Is there a way to fix this? Is the Server RAM the problem?...

Does DH cause other dimensions to generate as well?

Hello! I put this in #beta-testing but wasn't sure if that was okay to ask general questions so I put it in here since it seems like you guys wanna keep things tidy! But yeah, I was wondering if DH caused other dimensions to load in. For context, I'm a super modding maniac for games like MC and as I was looking into making everything work well together; I noticied something odd. When distant generation was switched back on, it caused the mods Better End and Better Nether to load their advancements, as if I had entered the dimensions. so I was wondering if that meant it was somehow generating in other dimensions?...

DH, entire 'strips' of LODs not loading in

happens on all lod distances, tried restarting

DH chunks not loading

I've installed the mod using iris installer, creating a new mc profile and removing my old mods until DH is working. Allocated 8gb to mc. When I load into the world, I only see as far as my render distance, even in singleplayer. I have sat to wait until the chunks load but they still haven't loaded. Have also reinstalled a few times.
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How to replicate DH + Iris shaders in forge environment

So I've stumbled upon quite some nice YT videos that showcase DH + Iris shaders and nice landscapes. How do I achieve smth similar looking with forge? What are some forge alternatives, working shaders with their settings etc Has anyone experimented with it? Are there any specified tips or smth I need to adress? I really don't wanna get myself into fabric as I can get fabric mods into forge but not the other way around at least I'm not familiar with it. I already tried gettin uptodate Iris to work on forge via sinytra connector but thats not really compatible. ...

Is it possible to load chunks on a server without the need to fly around?

I made a server for my friends to join and used my already existing world, where I already preloaded chunks using Chunky, so that the world looks nice. The chunks, as mentioned in the FAQ, do not load on their own. Chunky on a server doesn't work, or maybe I can't make it work, I just set a radius and sent a start command. Did I do something wrong? Is there any other way to do it? 1.20.4...

1.20.4 nightly horizons not horizonting help

any idea why my distant horizons are neither distant nor horizontal? on the attatched screenshot theres a structure that I passed near to have it loaded yet it disappeared...
so from my testing: it doesn't like zink (opengl under vulkan) it doesn't like feral gamemode and it doesn't like blendium...
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LoD dynamic quality adaption to zoom (mod)

Hi. First of all, this mod is amazing, using it for quite some time and didn't really have problems with it. Just a question about zooming. When I zoom (for example with Zoomify), what is needed, so the LoD quality adapts to the zoom (so the quality for the zoomed in visible part increases)? Like when the player camera would actually be closer to viewed chunks and therefor the viewed chunks have higher quality. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Is this something the zoom mod has to implement or does DH need to implement this (or possibly with the API, so mods can implement this)? And what about vanilla zoom with the spyglass?...
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Game crashing after 20-ish mins of playing with DH

I'm using DH included in the Iris installation on 1.20.4 and after around 20 mins of playing it would always crash (or whenever I teleport to a new biome as well) It always gives me this error telling me that my GPU drivers are out of date, I have checked several times on Geforce Experience and no new drivers are available at the moment. I have also updated Windows as well along with Armoury Crate. Anyone can figure out the cause of this issue and how to resolve it?...
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DH 2.0.1 on pojav: Linux-android aarch64 SQL in the mod is not being loaded, which results in crash

So idk when dh devs added android aarch64 libs, but the issue is that they are not loaded, which results in a crash. A temp fix for that is to copy the lib from the mod and put it in folders where pojav sets the "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" env option to. ```LD_LIBRARY_PATH= /data/user/0/net.kdt.pojavlaunch.sol/runtimes/jre21-arm64-20240309-release.tar.xz.tar.xz/lib/jli /data/user/0/net.kdt.pojavlaunch.sol/runtimes/jre21-arm64-20240309-release.tar.xz.tar.xz/lib...