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CSCarlos Sito4/11/2024

FOV higher than 85º breaks DH if used with shaders

If I use shaders and move the camera, FH breaks and some angles. This does NOT happen without shadders. I have tested with BSL, BLISS and Photon. Also this kind of errors appear alway after changing a setting in DH, even if I put it back as it was. I'll leave a video showcasing it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QO5xWNz2GTr5mqhBwf6HVyfEwA85upiy/view?usp=drive_link...
LELinde Easterlingr4/11/2024

Sun/moon would be seen though mountains

Just like the picture XDDD,im using Bliss shade
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TItxk IMcrafter4/11/2024

Distance Generator Mode tooltip is incorrect

The setting is located in Advanced options >> World Generator The options are: Features, Pre-Existing Chunks only, Surface. While the comments about it are for some other setting....
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Why DH exports package org.sqlite out?

When I tried to start a Mohist(forged bukkit) based server, it cames out an error, whose main problem is the title of this post. I'm using the latest server fork of DH on the forge ecosystem. Detailed log is here: ``` Exception in thread "main" java.lang.module.ResolutionException: Modules org.xerial.sqlitejdbc and distanthorizons export package org.sqlite to module playeranimator...

LOD chunks not loading

The chunks aren't loading even after changing the LOD distance
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sodium + DH fails to create OGL context when using xorg

testing on version 1.20.1. logs attached for sodium only, DH only, and sodium + DH + indium + fabric API note that this issue does not happen on wayland...

Overdraw prevention affected by FOV

When using a zoom mod, spyglass, or just lowering the FOV setting, the distance before LODs can render increases, leading to a hole between the LODs and loaded chunks. DH-iris beta only, no other mods.

Nether LODs are not loading

My situation: standing on the roof of the nether. i see zero LODs, only vanilla loaded chunks, even after giving it time to load. I don't think this is related to the bug of the neather causing DH to stop working, as my overworld and end have both worked fine....

have 0 fps when im press rigth click in one block

when you press rigth click in one block the FPS goes to 0
TRGThe RTG Gaming3/30/2024

Character model disapears in my modpack.

I dont know what might of cased my character model to disapear. but it happen after i downloaded Distant Horizons
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PDCPatitas de caramelo con sal rosa3/29/2024



Database in not correctly closed after leaving a world

java.nio.file.FileSystemException: D:\MultiMC\instances\1.20.1\.minecraft\saves\lzma2 4\data\DistantHorizons.sqlite: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process after leaving a world you can't delete it until next time you restart the game, as it seems database is not closed properly....
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fps drops down to 50-60 when looking at villages?

If i was to look anywhere but a village i can get above 90 fps just fine, so any idea why this happens?

LOD culling doesn't properly account for damage tilt

video attached. most visible on the left side
Ронрей Павлович3/18/2024

Loss of information about chunks when using the world loaders

Loss of information about chunks when the loading of the world is suspended, such as forge load or chunky If you want to use prematurely loading worlds using mods: 1. Do not interrupt the process 2. Do not use DH during loading. 3. Use DH only if the world is ready. Information about lost chunks is not saved and they will always be empty, only if they are not updated in real time...

sky&clouds flickering

everything is flickering like crazy.. https://youtu.be/-cfIQ1u1a_0?si=UoPJxbGGUNwNxKcn...

DH Does not Generate Chunks When Changing Dimensions

If I go through a nether portal, DH does not generate any more LOD chunks until I restart my game, I am currently using the nightly build on singleplayer, this wasnt an issue with previous versions.

Somtimes when loading chunks FPS tanks to zero and causes the game to crash or force to close

This mostly happens on worlds that have already been played in, but occasionally happens right when loading in to a world for the first time.